Public sector

SINTEF Norlab supplies services to local and central authorities. We comply with all applicable standards for the required deliveries.

Contaminated land, demolition and renovation of buildings, work environment issues, and landfill disposals. SINTEF Norlab’s services and laboratories prepare you for the work ahead.

SINTEF Norlab provides a range of services within the environmental area for the public sector, including indoor and outdoor work environment monitoring, and surveys of hazardous waste, landfills, leachate, and environmentally hazardous substances in buildings. Our experienced engineers can assist with everything from sampling plans to final reports and analyses. SINTEF Norlab holds class 3 central approval for building surveying.

Services for local and central authorities

Environmental building surveys

SINTEF Norlab is an active contributor to “Forum for miljøkartlegging og sanering”. We have for many years conducted building surveys for demolition or renewal.

Analyses of building materials

SINTEF Norlab can analyze building materials for asbestos, PCB, PAH, and other environmentally hazardous substances.


We conduct accredited asbestos investigations using scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

Environmental analyses

SINTEF Norlab has equipment and expertise for conducting organic and inorganic analyses of various environmental samples.

Waste characterization and advisory services

SINTEF Norlab can provide advisory services regarding fulfillment of requirements in “Avfallsforskriften”, and mandatory documentation for basis characterization and landfill disposal.

Emissions to air

We conduct as independent party measuremensts of emissions to air, for local and central authorities.

Odour emissions surveys

SINTEF Norlab offers comprehensive surveying for businesses that need to measure and document odour emissions to the surroundings.

Dust measurements in ambient air

SINTEF Norlab conducts measurements of dust deposition and particulate matter in ambient air.

Industrial work environment and indoor climate

SINTEF Norlab has long experience from work environment and indoor climate surveys.

Water analyses

For more than 20 years, SINTEF Norlab has assisted customers in the sampling and analysis of drinking water, clean water, wastewater, and leachate.


SINTEF Norlab conducts laboratory analyses of legionella, including risk assessments and sample planning. We deliver also open enrollment and company-specific training courses for legionella prevention.