Advisory services

We provide customised, comprehensive services that include sample collection, measurements, analyses, testing, recommendations, assessment of results and customised reports, all in accordance with customer requirements.

Damage investigations

Accidents often occur at the worst possible time, often when production flow is at its best and lead times are critical. SINTEF Norlab has broad expertise in rapidly identifying the underlying causes of accidents in production and service.

The purpose of damage analysis

When an accident has occurred, it is important to be able to quickly determine the root cause, so that the correct measures can be taken to prevent recurrence and further production losses. Often, the first thing that should be determined is whether the components have the properties listed in the supplier’s specifications, before moving on to any more costly design changes. In these cases, documentation of non-conformities from specifications can be produced and may entitle you to compensation from the supplier.

Typical causes of damage that may be identified

  • overloading
  • material defects
  • fatigue/fatigue fractures
  • abrasion
  • influence of temperature
  • various forms of corrosion

Why choose SINTEF Norlab

SINTEF Norlab possesses the most complete materials laboratory in the country for performing material damage analyses. We use advanced electron and light-optical microscopy, chemical analyses and recognised destructive test methods to determine the cause of damage.


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Silje Michaelsen

Silje Michaelsen

Department Engineer

General metallography, micro and macro analyses, toughness measurements, corrosion, damage analyses

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