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Environmental health protection

We provide childcare facilities with measurements, analyses, and reommendations regarding environmental health protection. Your childcare facility can thus obtain a full review of procedures, safety, and documentation.

Indoor climate surveys

A good indoor climate is a prerequisite for health, learning and well-being. What is yours like?

How the use of SINTEF Norlab’s services translate into better childcare facilities

A good indoor climate is a key prerequisite for health, learning and well-being. What is yours like?

  • Is there a suspicion of mould?
  • Does the air feel heavy and dense?
  • Are you bothered by noise or reverberations?
  • Does the air feel too warm or too cold?

Our indoor climate surveys will provide you with answers to these and other important questions.

About us

SINTEF Norlab’s Department for Environmental Health Protection (EHP) has carried out indoor climate surveys on behalf of local authorities and businesses since 2013.

In addition to the indoor climate surveys, we have since 2004 conducted regular EHP audits at schools and childcare facilities. Indoor climate surveys are also included as part of such audits.

What we measure

  • CO2 level
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • reverberations/acoustics
  • noise from technical installations
  • light
  • mould
  • air velocity (draughts)

What an agreement with us means

  • Effective surveying adapted to the customer’s needs in terms of implementation date.
  • A good indication of whether the indoor climate is satisfactory.
  • Documentation for maintenance planning, as well as operational improvements.
Rolf Erik Nustad

Rolf Erik Nustad


Environmental health protection and indoor climate

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