Materials testing

We conduct materials testing of various metallic materials such as steel, aluminium, and copper alloys. Testing of welding procedures is and has been an important activity area since the engineering industry started making deliveries to the Norwegian continental shelf.

Materials testing

At SINTEF Norlab’s materials engineering laboratory in Mo i Rana, we conduct accredited destructive testing of a range of different materials. Our laboratory and workshop are well-equipped and offer quick turnaround times on test procedures set down in Norwegian and international standards. We can offer great flexibility in connection with customised testing and are able to test a broad range of materials and specimen dimensions.

Material properties

Having control of the mechanical properties of materials is crucial in any production process. A SINTEF Norlab report constitutes proof of the mechanical properties of the materials, something that is often required by customers and various authorities. Mechanical testing can also provide answers in the event of accidents or unknown problems arising in a production process. We can provide advice and test procedures adapted to your needs.


Our workshop is well-equipped, and our technicians have specialist expertise in the collection and machining of specimens of different materials and dimensions in accordance with national and international standards.

Materials expertise

In addition to the laboratory for mechanical testing, SINTEF Norlab also has a well-equipped metallographic laboratory. We conduct every year a large number of microscopic and macroscopic investigations and can analyse fracture surfaces, microstructures, and chemical compositions, if a sample material behaves unexpectedly during mechanical testing.

MoTest NDT

We collaborate with MoTest NDT and can offer non-destructive testing combined with destructive testing or damage assessment.

What we offer

  • tensile testing
  • compressive testing
  • bend testing
  • fatigue testing
  • hardness measurements
  • Charpy V-notch
  • fracture mechanics testing
  • corrosion testing
  • metallography
Norsk Akkreditering
Robin Andersen

Robin Andersen

Department Engineer

Weld procedue testing (WPQT), material verification, product testing

 +47 907 30 060

Andreas S. Hjorth

Andreas S. Hjorth

Department Engineer

General metallography, micro and macro analyses, toughness measurements, corrosion, damage analyses

 +47 472 57 445