Materials testing

We conduct materials testing of various metallic materials such as steel, aluminium, and copper alloys. Testing of welding procedures is and has been an important activity area since the engineering industry started making deliveries to the Norwegian continental shelf.

Testing of reinforcement elements

SINTEF Norlab has conducted mechanical testing of materials for several decades and we are one of the most experienced laboratories in Norway within this field. We conduct mechanical testing, metallographic investigations, damage investigations and chemical analyses. We conduct more than 50,000 destructive tests each year and we offer rapid response times and high quality.

Typical examples of what we can provide

  • Testing and services that meet the requirements set down in NS-EN 10080-1:2015 and NS 3576

Requirement elements in NS-EN 10080-1:2015

  • registration of characteristic values and follow-up on long-term quality levels, LTQL
  • statistics
  • evaluation of results
  • mass per metre
  • surface geometry
  • chemical composition
  • tensile testing
  • bending and rebending
  • ageing
  • fatigue testing

SINTEF Norlab is accredited in accordance with the NS-EN ISO 15630-1 test standard for the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, contraction, and ductility (bend testing) methods.

Testing of welded reinforcement components

NS-EN 1090 and NS-EN ISO 17660 specifies requirements for welded reinforcements for structural use.

SINTEF Norlab can provide the destructive testing required by these standards.

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Testing av sveis
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Robin Andersen

Robin Andersen

Department Engineer

Weld procedue testing (WPQT), material verification, product testing

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Tore Trulsen

Tore Trulsen

Materials testing

Destructive testing

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